Rating / Slope

Yellow Tees   70.4/114 (Men) 73.5/126 (Women)

Blue Tees       67.2/106 (Men) 71.0/120 (Women)

White Tees     64.6/98 (Men) 67.6/112 (Women)

Red Tees        60.8/90 (Men) 63.0/103 (Women)



New course rating:  The Board asked the CDGA to review the rating of our course and treat the 9th hole only as a par 3 for the Red, White and Blue tees, while rating the Yellow tees on number 9 as only a par 4.  This will help eliminate some of the confusion by having all the tee play as a par 3 and a par 4.   The CDGA score posting site is up to date and will reflect this decision.  If there are any questions on this rating, please contact the Board. 




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