Ladies League

If you would like to join the league and find out more about it, contact us. All are welcome.

Ladies League Officers:

Joan Lesnik/President
Gerry McCaffrey/Vice-Pres
Susan Boe/Treasurer
Judy Ripke/Secretary
Elaine Rutter/Membership & Events
Debbie Nona/Handicapping & Newsletter Reporter
Our dues are $20 a year for play the months of May through September.  LGC members or friends who are non-members are welcome to join the league.  Starting tee times are 8 AM in May and September and 7:30 AM June, July, and August. 
Our league uses handicapping but you are not required to be a Chicago District Golf Member.  Our handicap system is for our own league play.  We have three flights of golfers.  You sign up the week before; we play threesomes, and your sign up time is determined by you. 
Please feel free to contact any of the officers if you have questions or would like to attend the luncheon.  

See you on the course!

Enjoy the Photo Album below-

Photos provided by Eva Stepanek - Thank you Eva!

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