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2019 Season


The league gathers together for a luncheon the last Wednesday in April.  25 out of 37 players were able to attend.  The luncheon this year at Bonfire Restaurant was set up by members Patti Long and Irene Malone.  We had two new members join us at our luncheon, Barbara Johnson and Vita Meyer. 


The Lockport Ladies League officially begins the first Wednesday of May.  Best ball is the way we get the ball rolling.  Due to the fine spring rain and cold, our first scheduled day was cancelled.  We will try to tee it up again Wednesday, May 8th. 


We have several new events added this year by our events coordinator Judy Ripke.  On May 8th  the event is low gross on odd holes.  Each week there is a different event and allows all players to win a prize awarded at the end of the year.  Every week we have an opportunity to win a prize for a chip-in, a birdie or a hole-in-one. 


Some of the new rules of golf have been incorporated into our league.  Most notably, leaving the flag in place while putting.  A real gift on those downhill putts!


We welcome all new players and hope that you will join our league as it is both fun and social. 


Think Green!!




Members of the club and non-members alike are welcome. League membership is available anytime during the season from May through September.

If you would like to join the league or find out more about it, contact us at lockportgolf@lockportgolf.com  For a list of Offcers and contact information go to the Members Only area of the website.


Enjoy the Photo Album below-

Photos provided by Eva Stepanek - Thank you Eva!

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