All LGC members, or friends who are non-members, are welcome to join the league.  Dues are $20.00 per year.  Our first day of golf will be Wednesday, May 2nd. at 8 AM.  Starting tee times are 8:00 AM in May and September and 7:30 AM for June, July and August.  There are three flights of golfers determined by our handicap system and monetary prizes will be awarded at the end of the year based on the event of the day. 


The 2018 Spring Luncheon will be held on:

 Wednesday, April 25th.

At 11:30

Coom’s Corner

(formerly the Iron Horse Saloon)

1225 East 9th. Street, Lockport


We will order off a menu and be billed separately. 

This is the kick-off for our May through September golf league. 


There will be a sign-up sheet for the first day of golf at the luncheon.  If you are unable to join the luncheon, come to the course on May 2nd. before 8 AM and sign up to play on that day.  You can join the league that day if you would like to.




Our Officers are:

Joan Lesnik/President                        815 838-1290  JML1290@aol.com          

Debby Piazza/Vice President               ---------------

Susan Boe/Treasurer                         815 609-5302        

Joyce Wakeling/Secretary                  720-261-2175   djwakeling1@gmail.com

Elaine Rutter/Membership                  815 838-6860   rutterelbl@aol.com


If you have any questions, please contact any of the Officers. 







Ladies League

If you would like to join the league and find out more about it, contact us. All are welcome.

Ladies League Officers:


Joan Lesnik/President
Debby Piazza/Vice-Pres & Hospitality
Susan Boe/Treasurer
Joyce Wakeling/Secretary
Elaine Rutter/Membership & Events
Debbie Nona/Handicapping & Newsletter Reporter
2018 Season
It was decided during the fall luncheon with the election of new officers that the ladies league will be playing from the white tees for 2018.  The league has it's own handicap system and is not the same as the CDGA.  No payable fees are required to be in our system.  The league does require a membership fee of $20.00 for the season.  
It was also decided that each group will remain a threesome.  Foursomes will be obligated to play as the last group.  We hope that this will help keep up the pace of play to benefit all members of the club.  We will continue to have a "no stroke limit".  
The ladies league will meet again for the first time in the spring for a luncheon which is usually held on the last Wednesday of April.  The get together is non-mandatory to join the league but we recommend it as an informational and social time.  
The first Wednesday in May is the beginning of our season.  The Best Ball Event being a nice spring break in after the long winter.  Sometime in late July or early August we also have a picnic after our round of golf.  The Fall luncheon ends our season with friendship and prizes.  
Please contact one of our board members if you are interested in joining the league.  Members of the club and non-members alike are welcome.  League membership is available anytime during the season from May through September.

See you on the course!

Enjoy the Photo Album below-

Photos provided by Eva Stepanek - Thank you Eva!

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