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Saturday, October 7th



What day for a Scramble!  Unlike recent Scrambles, the weather threatened all afternoon.  But it did hold off (barely) until the round was completed.  Then monsoonal rains hit with very windy conditions.  Dispite the wet conditions, most everyone stayed and we huddled under the #1 shelter until prizes were awarded.  The following winners posted some very good scores.



1st place teams   -4


Kevin Pellegrine, daughter Sarah, son in law Teddy and Jim Posega


Chris Albrecht, Chris' guest Brian, Nicholas Drake


2nd (and 3rd) place teams (2 way tie)   -3


Gerry Boe, Susan Boe, Dan Pesavento, Joel Huffar


Jared MeCarthy, Mark Ragoni, Shea Gerrity, Mike Aguilar


Closest to the pin  Men #3 - Jared McCarthy                              

Closest to the pin Men #6 - Mark Ragoni                                

Closest to the pin Men #9 - Dave McGuire                                

Closest to the pin Women #3                           

Closest to the pin Women #6 - Sandie Rogers                             

Closest to the pin Women #9 - Sandie Rogers                     

Longest drive Men #8 - Jay Bushen                                       

Longest drive Women #5 - Pricie Rogan       


Thank you to all participants!!  You are all real troopers for hanging in there till the end!!  Hope to see you all for the Spring Scramble!!      




Dick Dystrup Memorial



AKA – “The Dystrup Cup”

was held

Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017


What a beautiful day for golf!!  A little warm with some clouds and a slight breeze. Thanks to all that participated in this annual event. Competition was fierce but everyone had a good time competing with their peers. The following posted the best scores to secure the win in each of the divisions.



Men's Scratch Winner - Ryan Sharp

Men's Handicap Winner - Dave Miller

Women's Scratch Winner - Jaymee Lindblom

Women's Handicap Winner - Laura Bushen





Enjoy the pictures from a fun afternoon at the Championship!!!





Previous Club Champions




Men's Scratch - Ryan Sharp


Men's Handicap - Bob Hoffman


Women's Scratch - Julie Carter


Women's Handicap - Debbie Nona


Men's Scratch - Joe Krumlinde

Men's Handicap - Bob Hoffman

Women's Scratch - Connie Morong

Women's Handicap - Debbie Nona


Men's Scratch - Mike Kocielko

Men's Handicap - Bob Hoffman

Women's Scratch - Debbie Nona

Women's Handicap - Laura Bushen


Men's Scratch - Mike Kocielko

Men's Handicap - Bob Hoffman

Women's Scratch - Jaymee Lindblom

Women's Handicap - Laura Bushen


Men's Scratch - Mike Kocielko

Men's Handicap - Jim Jankovsky

Women's Scratch - Debbie Piazza

Women's Handicap - Debbie Nona


Men's Scratch - Drew Anderson

Women's Scratch - Jaymee Lindblom


Men's Scratch - Drew Anderson

Women's Scratch - Libby Hollatz







Junior Club Championship

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lockport Golf Club held it's second annual Junior Club  Championship.  Our young golfers took to the course and the nine hole competition began.

Four flightsWinner

Girls 9-12    Emma Lagan

Girls 13-16     No Entries

Boys 9-12     Matthew Lagan

Boys 13-16    Mason Kuhn


Honorable Mentions:

Brian Carter

Logan Randle


Josh Richardson


Nolan Foster


Kyle Kuhn

Luke Lagan

Jack Dewbray

Charlie Dewbray


Matthew Masson

The day was hot and humid but that didn't stop our young "pros" from posting some very impressive scores. Fun was had by all!!  We are all looking forward to next years competition!!


Thank you to all the competitors and their families for the supporting this competition.






Mason Kuhn Won the Boys 13 - 16 age group!!

Mason Kuhn Winner Boy's 13-16
Mason and Brian tied. Mason won the match on the first payoff hole. Mason Kuhn(L) and Brian Carter(R)

Mason Kuhn and Brian Carter tied in our Boy's 13-16 age group . This match ended in a tie. Mason won the match on the first payoff hole. It was an exciting finish!




Matthew Lagan won the Boy's 9-11 age group!


Kyle Kuhn, Nolan Foster, and Matthew Lagan (L to R)



Emma was our winner in the Girl's 9 - 12 age group!!


Jack Dewbray, Charlie Dewbray, Emma Lagan, and Matthew Masson (L to R)
Josh Richardson, Logan Randle, and Luke Lagan (L to R)

Congratulations to all!!!


Previous Junior Club Champions




Boy's 13 - 16 year old - William Utz

Boy's 9 - 12 year old   - Jimmy Snyder

Girl's 9 - 12 year old    - Emma Lagan

Girl's 13 - 16 year old  - no entry





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